Class of 2024
DOB: 22 March 2006
Height: 6 feet (183cm)
Weight: 159 lbs (72.5 kgs)

Mob: +30 6983 383 043

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Residence: Thessaloniki, Greece


For my future it is hard to imagine myself in a university/college without being an athlete for a number of reasons.

Rowing teaches me how to become multidimensional, organized and capable of following programs both in school and training. Moreover, it teaches me teamwork, while I have to cooperate with my fellow athletes.

Another thing that rowing really build up to me is a strong self-confidence because I always have to face different situations under difficult circumstances like a windy weather.

Lastly, all these years that I’ve been rowing I managed to achieve the sportsman spirit.

The reason I strongly believe I am a good fit for US Universities/Colleges is the unique opportunity to train in fresh air surrounded with water and open nature giving me this combination of harmony, discipline, strength, cooperation and most important of all the mental skills I have to develop in order to improve and be an active member of a team.

Furtherer more, another field of my life is piano and specifically composing musical pieces but playing the piano, too. So, both piano and rowing taught me how to be multidimensional while I had to keep up with my school and achieve high grades on my field lesson such as mathematics physics and chemistry.

As for my future major goal, I imagine myself in an academic environment that suits my organizing style, allows to communicate with people from different regions and most importantly to be given the opportunity to learn and develop from accomplished professors. What is more, the American culture of encouraging multidimensional personalities and allows mistakes that eventually show the way to knowledge is what best fits for me.

Finally, sports in general are good for body and mind so is engineering, which is the domain of my interest and where I see myself succeeding through discipline and hard work.


Education Highlights/ Skills

  • I am currently enrolled as a senior high school student at the Anatolia College in Thessaloniki, Greece. My studies during the past two years have been mainly focused on science courses such as Math, Physics and Chemistry. I believe that this academic portfolio will allow me to pursue studies related to my main academic interests engineering and IT technology.
  • Participation in school competition ACSTAC with work title: “measuring power in a PV solar cell for various angles of incident radiations “already published locally (etweeining magazine) and waiting to be published in https://emerginginvestigators.org
  • Piano studies from 2013 until now (C intermediate level), theory of music and solfege degree (9/10). Further more composing a music piece to represent my school in a panhellenic competition.
  • Service as action 1. Delivering music in a rehabilitation center for elderly people 2. Summer servicing in a public hospital in orthopedic clinic.
  • English language: 1st certificate (Cambridge – 2021), Proficiency (Michigan – 2022)
  • German Language beginners’ level

Experience & Achievements

  • 2023

    • April 2023: 6th place both on the men’s eight, 5th place on men’s lightweight coxless four for the national championships

  • 2022

    • July 2022: National Championships with a coxed four (2nd place)

    • April 2022: National Championship for seniors with coxless four (2nd place)

Men's Rowing Stats

500m ERG Score: 1:28 

Verified By: Coach Goudoulas
Date: August 8 2023

1K ERG Score: 3:09

Verified By: Coach Goudoulas
Date: July 20 2023

2K ERG Score: 6:39

Verified By: Coach Goudoulas
Date: November 5 2023

4K ERG Score: 14:50

Verified By: Coach Goudoulas
Date: November 14 2023

5K ERG Score: 18:33

Verified By: Coach Goudoulas
Date: October 3 2022

6K ERG Score: 22:31

Verified By: Coach Goudoulas
Date: October 26 2022

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